29 | Descender

Descender Vol. 1

On this episode of Comic Book HQ, we talk about volume one of “Descender” from Image Comics, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Dustin Nguyen. This is one of Jared’s all time favorite books, but we all know how much of a skeptic Jonah can be. Will this book live up to Jared’s hype, or will Jonah be unimpressed? Listen to find out! During the lightning round we talk about Age of X-Men: Alpha #1, Fight Club 3 #1, Thunderbolt #1 and The Avant-Guards #1. We hope you enjoy!

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1 thought on “29 | Descender

  1. Jonah, if you want to understand Peter Cannon Thunderbolt, read Watchmen and read up on the origins of the characters, namely their inspirations.

    As for Fight Club 3, while I haven’t read it yet, I did read Fight Club 2 and I don’t think reading that would help you understand Fight Club 2, much less Fight Club 3.

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