Sonata #1 Review

Sonata #1

Writers: David Hine and Brian Haberlin
Artist: Brian Haberlin
Colorist: Geirrod Van Dyke
Letterer: Framies Takenaga

Review by Sarah Easlon

Are you craving a new comic? Perhaps an adventure comic set on a foreign planet where new colonies are striving to carve out a new life for themselves?

Maybe you’re looking for a comic about a brewing civil war that features clashing technologies? Perhaps you’re looking for a coming of age story about a cocky (yet lovable) young woman? Well, you can have all of these things in the book Sonata #1 released by Image Comics.  

DISCLAIMER: This comic is rated M and is not suitable for young readers.

SonataWho is Sonata?

Sonata is a young and brash Thermasour trainer (picture friendly pterodactyls), trying to figure out how she fits into this new world. She is a citizen of the Rans, who are a peace-loving people who are colonizing this planet.

Our heroes run into a problem though. Their source of water has dried up, and the elders suspect the Tayans (a far more aggressive group of colonists) have something to do with it.

Our hero volunteers to join the diplomatic party that is being sent to talk with this rival colony, and adventure ensues from there. Is peace achievable between these two rival colonies? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The writing here from Hine and Haberlin is easy to read, and fun to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sonata’s thoughts as she and her companions had to solve multiple problems throughout the story.

This issue mainly focuses on setting up the world and the main conflict for later issues. Look out for big things from this series. My spider senses tell me there is a war coming in the near future for Sonata. 

Oh, also there are giants the size of mountains on this planet. No biggie though. I’m sure this detail won’t be important later on in the story (wink wink). 

SonataBeautiful Intricacy

This art is fitting for the magnitude of this story. Each character stands out due to their unique style, and the background art is extremely intricate. Because of the intricacy, I caught myself trying to pick out details all throughout the book.

Brian Haberlin, who is known mainly for his work on the Image Comics classic Witchblade, does a wonderful job at designing eye-catching settlements that grab your imagination. Another thing Haberlin is known for is his digital art style, and he applies that stunningly well in this book.

As a result, the characters themselves have a 3D feel to them. As a casual gamer, reading this comic reminded me of playing a video game and I enjoyed that aspect. 

Van Dyke makes the characters stand out by using more reds and yellows on the heroes, and cooler tones in the background. I liked this subtle way of directing the reader to what is important in a panel.

This is a brand new and awe-inspiring world with an abundance of things to look at. So it’s nice to have a visual cue like this to guide my attention back to the story.

The Verdict

In the end, I am a sucker for adventure stories and Sonata is no exception. Creating an entirely new world is difficult, but Hine and Haberlin tackle this job with the same tenacity as their main character.

Because of this world-building, the story grabbed my attention from the very beginning, and I don’t regret picking up the first issue. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new comic world to explore. Who knows, you may just get lost!


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